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The virtual space with real regulation...

We create a virtual regulatory space based on blockchain technology, within which users can work in a unified legal environment

DOC security

Zero chance of being hacked into a decentralized network


It’s impossible to hide data manipulations in the blockchain


Simple interface and fast information transfer



All you need is a crypto wallet


Use for business and personal purposes


About VersalNFT

VersalNFT is a blockchain-based virtual legal space that contains a multi-user interface for creating, storing, and managing data. The project team offers universal tools based on blockchain technology, in particular NFT, which can be used in various traditional business sectors striving for the digitization of processes, as well as for all participants in the digital art market, including NFT creators, buyers, NFT marketplaces.

The priority task of the VersalNFT team is to protect the legal and financial interests of users. Versals (signature creators) will be able to sign documents for business or personal purposes with its help. These documents, in turn, are minted into tokens and immortalized in the blockchain, and stored in crypto wallets. Information about the creator, signers, time, content is recorded in the token and protected from various kinds of manipulation.

All tools offered by VersalNFT are based on a legal concept that complies with English law. Thus, VersalNFT, using blockchain technology, provides the community with a connection between the crypto space and legal standards in the real world.


VersalNFT tools


VersalNFT Sign is the ability to create a personal digital signature in NFT containing information about the owner specified during registration. Personal data will be encrypted and immortalized in its hash and will not be available for all sorts of manipulations.


It’s the document that will be converted to NFT after the signatures of all parties have been verified. The document designer will allow you to create the desired document by simply selecting options from a list.


Users of blockchain-based virtual legal space using the VersalNFT services.


It’s a document that will confirm the registration of copyright for NFT. VERc complies with the standards of the English copyright certificate with which the creator can confirm the existence of his work and authorship.


The project provides full protection for NFT-art objects along with legally formalized intellectual property standards and it will be assigned a number with which it will be included in the public list of certified objects.


Key Features

Signing mechanism

Create your crypto signature and sign real documents in the virtual space

Based on BSC

We use one of the most reliable, fast-growing and promising blockchains

Privacy & Protection

Keeping user data safe and secure is a top priority for the VersalNFT team

NFT Ownership

Digital art objects copyright licensing





Group 209 (2)

Marketing & Development 20%

100 000 000 VER

Listing 2%

10 000 000 VER

Partners & Advisors 7%

35 000 000 VER

Token Sales 5,5%

27 500 000 VER

Seed 8%

40 000 000 VER

Private 15%

75 000 000 VER

Team 17%

85 000 000 VER

Reserve Fund 25%

125 000 000 VER

Airdrop 0,5%

2 500 000 VER

Total 100%

500 000 000 VER



roadmap_mobile@2x (1)

Use cases


Use a secure and fast agreement tool whenever you want

Legal companies

Confirm the immutability of the data recorded in the decentralized network

Insurance companies

Safely store and manage your files on the blockchain

Financial institutions

Interact with counterparties in accordance with regulatory requirements

NFT marketplaces

Register and confirm the authorship of intellectual property

Real estate agencies

Sign the contract, identify the owner, confirm the ownership






Partners & Investors



VersalNFT is a blockchain-based virtual legal space that contains a multi-user interface for creating, storing and managing data using NFT signature.

Creation of a virtual regulatory space, within which users will be able to work in a single legal environment  which will improve the connection of existing systems with the entire diversity of the digital world and increase the efficiency of their interaction.

We provide a reconciliation legal tool that can be used in personal and various business areas, taking full advantage of blockchain technology.

VersalNFT is developed by an international team, whose members have skills in blockchain, web design, jurisprudence, finance, market analysis, content creation.

The VER is used to drive the virtual legal space economy and enable users to access the full range of capabilities of the VersalNFT ecosystem.

After the realization of the main functionality of the project, VER holders will be able to take part in surveys on key issues of project development and implementation of new services.

You can buy VER token on XT.com

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